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But here’s the thing…..He’s still wasting water.

Everyone doing this dumb fucking fad challenge is wasting water.

How about you do the Give a Bucket of Water to People Who Need it Challenge. Or the Walk Miles in Uganda to Provide Water for Families so Children Don’t Have to Challenge.

For fuck’s sake, there’s a drought in California going on its third year streak. Water scarcity is even near you.

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sophisticatedquackingpenguin asked:

The reason the Ice Bucket Challenge is what it is comes from the sensation of having the water poured on yourself. It simulates have someone with ALS feels, at a certain degree, physically. You're also requested to donate either way. :/

bunnychanxoxo answered:

I know that. 

Did you know 3.4 million people die each year from water related disease? 780 million people lack access to clean water. These people are being exposed to and contracting: Diarrhoea (90% of the people who die from this are children), Arsenicosis, Cholera, Fluorosis, Guinea worm disease, HIV/AIDS, Intestinal worms, Malaria, Schistosomiasis, Trachoma, and Typhoid

Wanna do the Dehydration Challenge? See what it feels like to dehydrate? Or how about the Unsanitary Water Challenge? Contract a disease? 

I’m not putting down the awareness to ALS. 

I’m putting down our ungrateful attitudes. 

I’m putting down that people laugh when they see someone drenched with a bucket of clean ice water. Even though it’s suppose to represent the pain someone else has to go through. Even though so many people don’t have clean water. Let alone ice to put in the fucker.

I’m putting down the disregard.